Luke Damrosch, Sound Engineer


Efferent Productions is a full-service music recording company based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Launched in 2016 by sound engineer Luke Damrosch, Efferent Productions specializes in:
▰ On-location recording sessions
▰ Live concert recording

With an emphasis on transparency, detail, and natural sound quality, Efferent Productions is ideally equipped to record many forms of acoustic music, such as:
▰ Classical, contemporary chamber music, choral, early music
▰ Jazz, blues, folk, traditional/world music
▰ New/experimental music

A variety of additional services are available, either as part of a larger recording project or on their own, including:
▰ Mixing & mastering
▰ Editing
▰ Noise removal
▰ HD video (single camera)

Specific equipment choices are made based on each project's needs, but typically rely on Schoeps and Microtech Gefell microphones, which feed Grace Design microphone preamplifiers and analog-to-digital conversion. Recording at high resolution (24bit/96kHz) through this signal path balances extraordinary precision with an effortlessly organic quality. Good monitoring tools, essential for on-location work, include Neumann, Sennheiser, and Focusrite solutions. Built around the Dante networked audio protocol, this system is compact, minimizes the number and length of cables on stage, and makes it easy to simultaneously record a fully redundant backup for peace of mind. Please inquire for further details about equipment and services.

CV and client references gladly provided by request.