Luke Damrosch, Sound Engineer


Luke Damrosch is a sound engineer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Beginning at age six with lessons in classical piano and drum-set, he later gravitated towards improvisation, electro-acoustic music, and composition, studying at New England Conservatory's pre-college Jazz program and subsequently at the New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music in New York City, graduating with a B.F.A. in 2009. His instructors there included drummers Amir Ziv, Chico Hamilton, Gerry Hemingway, Andrew Cyrille, and Joe Chambers, composer Kirk Nurock, bassists Reggie Workman and Shahzad Ismaily, trumpeter/composer Jordan McLean, pianist Junior Mance, saxophonist George Garzone, and composer/historian Bill Kirchner. He has also studied West African music from Ghana, Togo, and Benin, Indonesian Gamelan, Brazilian Samba and Maracatu, Traditional Middle Eastern and Turkish music, Afro-Cuban percussion, and computer music with tools like Max/MSP and SuperCollider.

While completing his undergraduate studies, his creative work in electronic sound design opened the door to music recording and sound engineering. He found this discipline's uniquely harmonious integration of art and science deeply captivating and was delighted by how organically his diverse musical training could inform so many aspects of his work in this more universal, technical field. He has dedicated himself to it ever since, with a focus on recording acoustic music. In addition to his freelance projects under the auspices of Efferent Productions, he is a staff sound engineer and electronics/media technician at Harvard University and a recording engineer for the Boston-based Non-Event concert series. He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and holds a Level 3 Dante Certification from Audinate. He conducts frequent personal research, particularly in microphone array design and novel post-processing techniques to further improve the depth and realism of recordings, and is currently working towards a paper outlining some recent findings.